Documenting Sources

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Documenting SourcesElizabeth Estrada


1.) "The inspiration really was Advertising Week, we love advertising and popular culture, and we wanted to build a community of people to share their thoughts about pop culture.” (McCale, 2004) 2.) According to Lucinda Waltrous, “Advertising began in 1841 by Volney B. Palmer, it wasn't until the 20th century that advertising agencies began to offer a full spectrum of services ranging from branding and logo design, to concepts, and implementation of the campaign.” (Waltrous, 2008) 3.) In an article posted by Study Mode (2001) it was found that, “Advertising both stimulates consumption, economic activity models, life-styles and a certain value orientation.”


1.) Elkin, T. (2004), Online Media Daily. Retrieved from:

2. Waltrous. L. (2008), History of Advertising and its affects on Popular Culture, Retrieved from:

3.) Study Mode, (2001), How Advertising affects Our Society Retrieved from:

Which subpoint or subpoints from your prewriting method do these sources support? These sources support the main idea or thesis, which is, “How do advertisements affect society?” These sources are able to further explain and pinpoint the subpoints created in the brainstorming phase. The above references are able to take me to sources that will help me to further explain my main point. They answer questions that I have regarding the main idea such as, “How does modern culture interpret advertisements?” and “What does media control mean?” These sources will also help me with my writing credibility....
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