“Managing Profitable Customer Relationships and Partnering to Build Customer Relationship – a Study on “Partex Group”

Topics: Milk, Powdered milk, Condensed milk Pages: 15 (2624 words) Published: July 6, 2012
Assignment for

Principles of Marketing
Fall 2010-2011 Semester

Title of the Assignment:

“Managing Profitable Customer Relationships and Partnering to build Customer Relationship – A study on “Partex Group”

Topics to be covered:

1. Acknowledgement
2. Letter of Transmittal
3. Company Overview (Background, Mission & Vision)
4. List of Market Offerings (Product & Services of the organization with Sizes and Prices) 5. Practice of Marketing Concepts
6. Structure of Supply Chain Management
7. List Business Portfolio (SBUs) of the organization 8. Evaluation of SBUs by BCG Matrix (Category of their Products, Business or Subsidiaries) 9. Implementation of Product-Market Expansion Grid Strategies 10. Societal Marketing Activities (CSR done by the organization) 11. SWOT Analysis (5 each to 4 categories)

12. Suggestions & Recommendations
13. Limitations of the report
14. Conclusion


While preparing the report, we acknowledgement the encouragement and full guidance given by our course instructor Hamidul Islam , Without his relentless support, it would have been impossible to conduct this study. We express our gratitude to our instructor for providing us detailed feedback and technical assistance on the report.

Besides, a number of people and institutions are to be thanked. Shojib, Janavi, Arnob, Towhid thank you all.

Letter of Transmittal

Date- October 20, 2010

Hamidul Islam

Faculty of Marketing Department

American International University Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

It gives us immense pleasure to submit a report on “Partex Group”. This report is submitted as a partial fulfillment/ as a part of our course “Principles of Marketing” that was conducted on “Partex Group”. The preparation of the report has given us and insightful experience and in-depth knowledge on “Partex Group” in Bangladesh. We have given our best effort to make it a worthy one and each aspect of the problem is considered and studied as required.

If any confusion arises or further explanation is needed, we shall be available to explain the matter to you as and when required despite when required despite having limitations. Your benign and authoritative advice will encourage us to conduct further flawless research in future.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Md. Towhidur Rahman 09-14398-2

Janavi Gomes 09-14374-2

Arnob Rashid Sarowar 09-143
Abu Nahid Zilani 09-143


Company Overview

Established in 1959, Partex Group is one of the leading industrial and trading groups in Bangladesh. It consists of 17 concerns. Over 7,000 employees are working in this commercial group. In 2000-2001 its targeting turnover is Tk. 8,000 million and estimated growth rate 15% per annum. Net worth at current market price is Tk. 7,500 Million. Over 350 distributors around the nation are engaged in distributing the products and services. There are over 45,000 outlets where products are marketed. Partex's movement is many-fold. It extends it's network in various sectors extended from milk to steel products. Let's be familiar with some of the concerns of Partex Group.

Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd covers two major production ranges, "Danish" Sweetened Condensed Milk and "Silver Cross" Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, both in tin containers of 397 grams. The quality of the products is maintained stringently at all levels under the technical assistance of Australian Dairy Corporation. The entire requirement of condensed milk of Bangladesh is being created through a nationwide distribution network system formed by company appointed distributors

Danish Milk Bangladesh Ltd was launched with the aim of marketing high quality...
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