Intellectual Property Comparison Between Developed and Developing Country

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Assignment on

Intellectual Property Comparison Between Developed

And Developing Country.

Submitted to

Fahmida Hasan

Department of Business Administration

Submitted by:

|Razuan Ahmed 2010-2-10-071

Section : 1
Course No : BUS 361
Course Name: Legal Environment Of Business

Transmittal Letter

April 4,2013

Fahmida hasan
Department of Business Administration,
East West University

Subject: Submission of an assignment on comparison of intellectual property between developed and developing country.

Dear Madam

You have assigned our group to prepare an assignment on comparison of intellectual property between developed and developing country. This report consists of the overview of comparison of intellectual property between developed and developing country.

We are really optimistic that our assignment will satisfy the requirements that were suggested by you under the course BUS 361.

Sincerely Yours
Rajib Kundu (2010-2-10-328)
On behalf of the group

Section: 1
Course No: BUS 361
Course Name:
Semester: spring 2013


Making this assignment is really a delightful experience. It is amazing and fascinating finding so many dependable people around, who have given necessary guidelines and advices while formulating this paper. The team remains ever grateful to them, who all have helped to write this assignment. We also extend our acknowledgement to all those, who helped us by answering our queries pertinent to the data collection of our report.

A special debt to our instructor Fahmida Hasan our respected faculty for the valuable guidance in the preparation of this report. We have been immensely benefited from his valuable guidance in the process of understanding and preparing this report. Without his active support, continuous encouragement, and constructive criticism, probably it would not be possible to write an informative and objective report. His active assistance in working out a framework for the paper has helped to complete the assignment within given time.

Table of Content

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Executive Summery

In this term paper our task is to compare the Intellectual Property right of developing and developed countries. As the topic is a large and complex one our main will focus on the Intellectual Property comparison between developing and developed countries. We have discussed the origin of the Intellectual property right of both developed and developing countries to understand the difference. Developing countries Intellectual property is weaker than that of developed countries. The reason of the weaker IP in developing countries is that the origin of IP laws is in developed nations, and most of the developing countries were the colony of developed nations. We tried to identify the problems and the...
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