Managing for the Future

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Mobile phone Pages: 9 (3016 words) Published: December 9, 2012
When humans began joint activities, the management has been in existence. Then, management gradually be used for enterprise and obtained the long-term results. With development of society, management was gradually recognized as an important role of the success of a company. This essay will firstly introduction China Mobile's historical performance and discuss what different management theories they use and how they reach the huge success. Following this, it will analysis the scenario development and builds a picture of the world in which the company must operate in the 2018-2020 time frames. Finally, it wills analysis the China Mobile's future performance.

Historic Performance
China Mobile Communications Corporation ("China Mobile") in April 20, 2000 was established as a GSM and TD - based on standard network SCDMA cellular carrier. China Mobile Communications group of companies, according to the State on the reform of the telecommunications system deployment and requirements in the original mobile communications assets based on the formation of the overall split of China Telecom's backbone State-owned enterprises (J Wong, 2003).In 2007, China Mobile has the world's first network scale and customer scale, for eight consecutive years appeared in the Fortune magazine world's top 500 listed companies, the listed company for four years as the Forbes list of "the 400 global level A best big companies" the only Chinese enterprise. August 10, 2006, China Mobile in New York stock market value reached $132.58 billion, and become the world's largest mobile operator. China Mobile mainly engaged in mobile voice, data, IP telephony and multimedia services, and has the international networking of computer Internet unit management and international gateway exchanges business license. In addition to providing basic voice business, also provide various value-added services such as fax, data, and IP phones.

China Mobile's growth is a process of continuous self-transcending process. Excellent enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, and is the foundation of enterprise focused. Establish and implement a clear set of values ​​is the soul of enterprise Evergreen. China Mobile's corporate culture-building, has experienced a "practice, knowledge, again practice, and again knowledge" progress, the process of ascension (JC Collins, 1996). From 1949 to 1987, is a practice process, and established the first analog cellular phone system commercially, today hold more than 300 million users of the network, and this is a exploration of the product development process, the process is the brand strategy, and focus on the development of a single product, in order to build up relevant experience in business management; from 1988 to 1997, China Mobile recognized the importance of international, began a strategy of internationalization stage, its predecessor China Telecom (Hong Kong) listing, the enterprise's management system for the first time Integrate with the international modern enterprise system; Since 1998, China Mobile started the merger and acquisition program, started a new round of exploration, and put forward the "leading services and business" development strategic focus, to service of strategy development, from a began of to single of phone business mainly, into to service business mainly, relative to the international telecommunications market increasingly depression, China's mobile communications market to the global telecom giant has great attraction, multinational company is an inevitable trend, its sophisticated marketing and service concept will become a battle for the Chinese market; By 2007,after meeting these targets such as the number of customers in the network scale and market value, China mobile recognize that "responsibility" and "Excellence", the core business values, is important for making new breakthrough, from "mobile telecommunication expert" positive to "mobile information expert" across ,and to...
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