Lafluer Trading Company

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Lafleur Trading Company
Lafleur Trading Company was founded in 1975 and has been supplying fine foods and wines to countries all over the world (Apollo Group, 2009). The founders of Lafleur Trading Company believe their products meet the needs of consumers for their lifestyle, health, and ethics. Company leaders offer only products that have passed Canada’s strictest guidelines for organic products (Apollo Group, 2009). The Lafleur Trading Company teams members stand by their company ethics, believe in the company mission, and stand by the values on which the company was founded. Organizational Analysis

“Whether a firm is developing a new business or reformulating direction for an ongoing business, it must determine the basic goals and philosophies that will shape its strategic posture” (Pearce & Robinson, 2009, p. 25). To accomplish this effectively, the leaders of Lafleur must have clarity on the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. These fundamental concepts serve as the foundation for why and how the organization will do business. Lafleur Trading Company has clearly identified the mission of the organization, which is providing high quality, organic products at competitive prices (Apollo Group, 2011). A company’s mission embodies the unique purpose it serves to meet and is developed with the values the leadership intends to infuse in the execution of its business. At Lafleur, they are committed to a high quality product, which meets the needs of their customers in an ethical manner. The importance for any business to identify its mission is to describe the expectations it plans to meet on a daily basis, expressing the organizational attitude to all its stakeholders. The values the leadership holds dear, like seeking out the most reputable producers of products and certifying those products meet the highest standards, provides insight into the commitment of Lafleur’s leadership to their values and mission. A vision, unlike the mission, is...
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