Strategic Plan Part 2: Swot Analysis

Topics: Coffee, Strategic management, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOT Analysis
The purpose of this synopsis is to analyze the forces and trends that Green Mountain Coffee Rosters faces relevant to its competitive position. The synopsis will explore external forces such as economic, social, legal and regulatory. The paper will also weigh internal forces such as resources, goals, and intellectual property, as it relates to Green Mountain Coffee Rosters. I will describe how the company adapts to changes; identify the major issues and opportunities that this company faces with in this synopsis. External Forces and Trends Legal and Regulatory- These forces impact Green Mountain Coffee Rosters daily. In my opinion the one legal or regulatory force GMCR encounters is the Clayton Act. This stands out to me because of all the brands that are under the GMCR banner (Lister, 2012). The Clayton act prohibits board of directors being in position to make decisions for competing companies working under the same corporate banner. The coffee retail market is governed by U.S. antitrust laws as any other industry. The Federal Trade Commission Act bars dishonest methods of competition, such as misleading information or deceptive business practices (Lister, 2012). The act is aim is to keep each coffee retailer, regardless of whether it sells coffee, honest with the information it provides to consumers about its products, and The Food and Drug Administration monitors all coffee products sold in the U.S. and inspects them to ensure no potentially harmful ingredients are present. Economic- Economic factors concern the nature and direction of the economy in which a firm operates, Pearce & Robinson (2009). A potential economic trend is the Hispanics demographic. The ethnic group drinks coffee more than other racial and ethnic groups. They begin drinking coffee earlier than other groups and in their older years are more likely to be exclusive coffee drinkers; and 74 percent of...
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