Managerial Competencies

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Question 1.
List the three managerial competencies that have led to your success so far in your job. List your strength and, for each strength listed, determine how that strength might get you into trouble and why is it so difficult to become and effective middle manager? Answer

Managerial competencies is defined as sets of knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes that a manager needs in order to be effective in a wide range of managerial jobs and various organizational setting. There were six core important specific competencies: the communication, planning and administration, teamwork, strategic action, multicultural, and self competencies. Managerial competencies is useful to me, a current manager of business plan and reporting for Retail Product division in Telekom Malaysia Bhd, also would be useful after my promotion to Assistant General Manager of Business Finance for Technology and Innovation division of Telekom Malaysia Bhd. The competencies will help me to excel on designated job, improve self-management and communication within organisation unit, better planning and administration of teamwork and more sensitive about changing of subordinate behaviour and environment surround them. Three managerial competencies that have led to my success in a job are: a)Communication competencies,

b)Planning and Administration competencies, and
c)Teamwork competencies.

1.Communication Competencies
A communication competency is your ability to effectively transfer and exchange information that leads to understanding between yourself and others. It includes: •Informal communication,
Formal communication, and
In 2010, I was given responsibility to improvise Telekom Malaysia Group Segmental Reporting through high accuracy identification of cost drivers for Customer Subscriber’s Equipment (CPEs), Revenue Sharing Out payment, Leased Routers and Product Licensing. It requires a new cost transfer process between Retail Product to respective Line of Business (LOBs) divisions where involves inter-department cooperation and collaboration to achieve this goals. Further, it requires me to build good working relationship with LOBs in order to be successful. I began by initiating informal communication with various divisions such as Information Technology and Network Infrastructure (ITNT), Service Management and Demand Forecast (SPDF), Group Costing, various LOBs and respective product owner within Retail Product to obtain their views and resources capabilities if the implementation takes place. I realized it is not a straightforward process because it requires a lot of effort to identify allocation drivers to each LOBs segments, limited access to the information and data available is not derived from one single place. In order to overcome these issues, together with my team, we have established strong collaboration between all divisions and communicate with them from time to time to understand problems, ways to minimize the difficulties and setting up moving forward plan and process flow. It takes a lot of negotiation with respective division especially in term of cut off time to provide the data and eligible of drivers that will be used for allocation purposes. Some negotiations with information providers do not take long but there few requires continuous negotiation until the processes are fully stable and ready for service. Once a process flow had been completely implemented and applied by all division, I then started to communicate formally with all TM Group and ready to start the process to improvise Group Segmental Reporting. Meantime, I have received a very positive feedback from Group and all divisions that this exercise really helps them to improvise better profitability as well. 2.Planning and Administration competencies

Planning and administration competency involves deciding what tasks need to be done, determine how they can be done, allocating resources to enable them to be done, and then...
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