Will Teams Work

Topics: Management, Training, Knowledge Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Will teams work?

1. What is the managerial context in which these managers will be operating? Do you think training designed to help managers understand the context they will be operating in will be helpful? Why or why not?

Managers will be now need to be able to manage teams to problem solve, which given the current way these managers manage people can prove to be difficult. Training will most definitely help these managers understand a good approach to handling employee teams and to help them understand the machinery.

2. What types of competencies should be developed in the management training? Give your rationale.

Technical Knowledge- Will help managers understand the workload that their teams are charged with.

Managerial/Leadership training- Will help the managers manage the teams as a solution is talked about. So that managers are approachable and can converse with the teams to come to some productive solutions.

Problem Solving/cost analysis training- Would be helpful in participating and helping teams come to solutions.

3. What types of training should be used to provide the different competencies? How long will it take to provide this training'? Give your rationale.

Basic Literacy training would be incorporated within the trainings. Training in technical fields- 1 month
Leadership Training- 3 weeks
Cost analysis- 2 weeks

Trainings would take about 2 months. Because education level is low amongst these managers trainings will need to be appropriately modified to ensure a strong understanding of what is being asked of them.

4. What are the alternatives to management development? Do you think one of these alternatives should be used'? Why or why not?

Bring in more experienced and qualified people to handle tasks. Break up tasks between people who have strengths in these areas. Promote others who can complete the tasks.
List expectations of manager so that they can personally develop themselves.

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