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Topics: Management, Leadership, Economy of the United States Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, 9e ISBN: 9780078137242 Author: Thomas S. Bateman
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Week 1 DQ# 1 
Due Week 1 Day 5 Saturday

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Managers need a variety of skills to be successful. There are three categories of management skills listed in your text. Choose one or more of the categories of management skills in your text and describe how each skill has contributed to the success of a great manager. Use specifics from your text to support your examples.

Every great manager has employees and customers who can attest to their motivation words, satisfaction of working under them, and positive attitude in the workplace. A great successful manager contains the three categories of management which are; interpersonal and communication skills, technical skills, and conceptual and decision skills. Interpersonal skills are a major part of managing employees and a business in general. According to Thomas S. Bateman  Management: leading and collaborating in a competitive world, 9e (2011), having interpersonal skills can help with motivational speeches, conducting training courses, and staffing. Dealing with people everyday especially in a managerial position involves having interpersonal skills and using these skills to communicate properly and effectively. Conceptual and decision making skills are a very important and crucial part of being a great manager. Making decision in the everyday life of a manager can be frustrating but it is a very important process that needs proper attention to details. Having this skill set can help when dealing with employees on a daily basis and deciding what to do in the situation of customer satisfaction as well. Making great decisions is the part of being a great manager because literally people’s livelihoods are at stake if a wrong decision is made on the managers’ part.

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