Mgt 460 Leadership Priorities and Practice

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 10 (3820 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Over the years in my career I have come to learn the different between an effective manager and a non effective manager. With all that I have learned is it possible to live up to whom I want to be. In the following essay I explore the skills and techniques used by managers that have lead to a successful career. I will also demonstrate how I plan to integrate these skills and techniques into my future as a leader.

In many organizations leadership is the key to a company success, and many companies find out the hard way that managers do not always demonstrate the abilities to be leaders. Managers who do not demonstrate these abilities are individuals, who have been given a hierarchy position, follow the “corporate code” and do not think outside the box. Also, “managers with the best intentions in the world often flub opportunities to get invaluable feedback from subordinates. Managers may send unintentional messages that they’re too busy to be bothered, not respond to subtle hints, or simply fail to schedule regular feedback opportunities” (Ashford University edition, 2007, p.30). Many managers fail to realize that to be a great leader you must have followers; your followers believe in you, and they want to succeed. In my years of being a manager I have worked for leaders that think they have all the answers and do not need the help of the people that work under them. I have seen that this may work for a little while but in the long run it tends to back fire on them and the company as a whole. This leads to what I feel a leader is and how the qualities of an effective leader are spread out through organizations. Leaders are individuals who have skills and techniques that motivate individuals to use critical thinking processes, promote positive behavior patterns and are confident in their subordinates under them. In an interview with Linda Hill (a professor from Harvard Business School) she spoke in reference to a term known as leading from behind. This idea came to her while in South Africa working on a project; where she was reading a book written by Nelson Mandela. She talks about when you demonstrate the attributes of a great leader you have to have the ability to create the context which others are willing and able to lead around you. By creating this context you allow talented people to flourish. Linda Hill also states it is important for a leader to remember they are in a web of relationships inside and outside the organization, and as leaders you must build conclusive and collaborate approaches to these relationships. Being an effective leader is not about you, you must build diversity to bring out others talents (Hill, 2008). A effective leader who motivates its subordinates to work as a team and working as a team means working towards a common goal. “The word team is often applied somewhat recklessly to any group of individuals. In reality, an effective team is much more than that” (Larsen, 2010). In the following paragraph I will provide an example of team work that started out on the right track, but also lost sight of the vision due to poor leadership skills. Being an effective leader means you have the skills and techniques to motivate employees around you in an organization. When employees are motivated it shows through their work and one company that has put motivation at the top of their priorities list is Calridge’s. The general manager at Calridge’s; a luxury hotel believes that “keeping staff motivated is the key to happy customers. One of the most critical ingredients in Calridge’s success is our people. From the moment a guest walks into the hotel, each of our employees plays a part in ensuring they receive exceptional service. On the one hand this means ensuring that staffs have the training and the practical tools that they need in their roles. We have a very strong H R programmed to help deliver this. To keep morale and motivation high it also very important that we ensure our employees is fit,...
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