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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Eisenhardt & Zbaracki article

Choose an area of management philosophy that interests you. This topic helps complete future assignments in Weeks Three through Seven. You will find the assignments valuable if you select a theory area relevant to a dissertation topic.

Submit your topic for facilitator approval to your Individual forum no later than Wednesday in Week Three.

Locate four articles or books on your philosophy written by different management theorists and published in the past 5 years in academic literature. At least two must be from peer-reviewed journals. The articles or books may be theory articles, research articles, or a combination.

Develop a table to identify similarities and difference in the theory discussions.

Format your table consistent with APA guidelines.

University of Phoenix Material

Week Three Sample Table

Table 1
Teams and Organization Structure

Authors Article Type and Context Dynamics Differentiation Integration
|Dinwiddie |Phenomenology |A team that does well when |Identified importance of |Understanding why the whole is |Individual growth from other | | |Understanding positive and |measured against predetermined |conflicting constructs: freedom |greater than the sum of the |members’ mentoring and support | | |negative experiences of being on|goals |or project management, group or |parts | | | |a high-performing team |Sought to understand the |personal success | |Negative effects when put down, | | | |environment in which the team |Issue resolution...
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