Manager vs Entrepreneure

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Manager Vs Entrepreneur
Two sides of a coin
Who is Who?

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There must be hundreds of millions companies in the world. Either they are small family businesses ,or small local shops ,or big national firms, or international corporations, either they are new players in the market or they have already been established as a brand, either they are successful or not, they all have something in common, they are ‘driven’ by someone who is in charge and makes the decisions. Who is this someone, what are his skills and talents and why is he capable of such a position? The term manager is broadly used for the person who is at the top of the hierarchy inside a company, but is not the only term. Entrepreneur is another term that we are using to describe the one who leads his company through the highly competitive field of business. Ever since the research of economics existed , the factors that distinguish the companies to profitable and non profitable have played a great role in the analysis of how efficient those companies were, in order to understand how can someone imitate a successful strategy and what are they variables that will affect his decision. At some point the researchers turn to the human factor and to how a single person can affect the course of a company. That person at most times was the leader of the company, either known as the manager or by having the entrepreneurial spirit to guide his firm. Among the numerous companies of the world we can find both managers and entrepreneurs who are responsible for theirs company success or failure also. But we are going to analyse those who are successful so that we can understand what is the recipe for being successful in the business world and what type of skills must someone have, those of an entrepreneur , those of a manager or both?.

It is a fact that every human in the world has a unique personality that defines his or her character. So how can people with different backgrounds experiences, education, factors that play a significant role in the personality of an individual, be categorised under the same title? Can someone learn how to be an entrepreneur or it is a natural characteristic? The same goes for the manager too, is MBA enough for someone to start his carrier in management or he must have specific skills from his birth that will make him outperform others? The main question here is

Where is the difference between a manager and an entrepreneur? Sub-questions:
* What are Entrepreneurs like? What are Managers like? Are managers and entrepreneurs the two sides of a coin or they are two distinguished ‘products’ created by the need for better business strategies? * How does the economical, social, political, psycological environment affect the personality and the decisions of a manager or an entrepreneur? * What is the background of theirs education and personal experiences? Are there any similarities? * What are the factors that will determine if someone will be called manager or entrepreneur? The purpose of this paper is to conduct conceptual literature search and discuss the arguments, views, opinions and ideas set against the question “manager or entrepreneur”. To find out the answer, therefore it is important to grasp there any difference between entrepreneur and manager. The paper will start with an effort to give a definition to each of the two terms: ‘manager’ and ‘entrepreneur’. Hereafter the differences and the similarities of these two definitions will be discussed. At the next section I will present through the literature and previous results of empirical analysis what are the factors that we can use to distinguish a manager from an entrepreneur. Finally I will try to reach to a conclusion and answer...
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