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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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University of the Philippines - Cebu
Management Division



Submitted to
Prof. Yvonne C. Gomos
February 18, 2013


I. Problems

A. Macro

1. There is a strong resistance to change for both the management and the employees of NOGO Railroad. Although the case emphasizes on how the employees would resist to changes such as performing multifunction duties due to their power which was indicated in their contract in the union, the way the management team wouldn't modernize their operation is also an indication on how they are not embracing change in the organization.

2. The presence of the culture of nepotism in the organization.

B. Micro

1. The management team primarily the operations manager, Allen Yates, has no conviction over his decision. This was proven by the lack of support he showed after the promotion of Dave Keller as communication manager for the division. It was obvious that he is more concerned with maintaining his power than creating conflict with employees by taking the blame over his decision.

2. Basing on the experience of Dave Keller in the company, the career path he was taking is not for communication manager. He is more tailored to assume the position of Rex Kelly as Rail Manager after his retirement. The position he is taking requires to have a good people skills and management, which he lacks as an individual. Looking back his performance as chief dispatcher, he did not perform excellently since yearly he's been graded satisfactory by his immediate supervisor.

3. There is an imbalance of allocation of human resources in the company. In fact, there's an overabundance of clerks that there not being utilize fully which result into some slacking.

II. Causes

1. The company has been complacent in advancing their technology in the railroad system. The fact that they...
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