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City of Embers
By Jeanne DeParu
My Reviews

I thought the City of Embers was a good book. It was a race against time before the whole city will go black. In the beginning of the book it was boring but when Lina and Doon discovered that there was a way out of the city that’s when the story became exciting. I like when Lina and Doon switched jobs because they were better for the job the other one had. I like the science fiction part and that the book was set in the future. There was adventure and danger when Lina, Doom and Poppy went down the river and climbed those rocks.

Lina was more adventurous and she dreamed about a city that had lights. Doon was quiet and he wanted to save the city from going into complete darkness. The Mayor was greedy and selfness and tried to arrest Lina and Doon for telling the truth about Looper a man who work for the Mayor and was stealing from the city. Once they discovered that the City of Ember was underground the whole time the book was a mystery.

City of Embers

The City of Embers is about underground city that was built 200 years ago by two builders for the last protection of the human race. The builders realized supplies would not last so they decide to leave details for escape in a special designed box. This box was handed down to Mayor to Mayor, but overtime the box was misplaced. Storerooms were built to stock everything the people of the city need: food, clothes and tools. Later, the lights of the city started to fade and dim. The city would black out often because the generator was weak. This scared all the people in town because the lights would soon stay out for good. Living in the city are two kids named Doon Harrow and Lina Mayfleet who were friends. The kids graduated and were assigned jobs, but neither one wanted the job they were assigned to so they switched. Doon became and pipe worker and Lina became and messenger.

Doon would try to find a way to save Ember by...
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