Strength and Weakness of Pacific Jeans Ltd.

Topics: Management, Marketing, Market research Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Through my internship program in the Pacific Jeans Ltd, I’m able to find out some of the SWOT facts. The results of the SWOT analysis of Pacific Jeans Ltd are described in below:

1.It has well reputation in the world market as well as local market. 2.It has own power station and water plant.
3.Attractive market program.
4.Modernized production plan.
5.It has modern technology based automated machine.
6.Has large washing plant.
7.Well educated and well experienced management team.
8.Efficient management practiced in the organization.

1.Limitation of experienced and educated worker.
2.A number of employees are not may be well trained.
3.Frequently worker turnover.
4.Lacking of motivation and training facilities for the workers. 5.Sometimes they can’t deliver product due to shortage of raw materials in the market. 6.They are not developed their advertising promotion.

7.The company is heavily dependent on outsourcing of raw materials.

1.Growing demand of jeans wear in the world market.
2.Well reputation of Pacific Jeans Ltd in the market attracts the foreign buyers. 3.Have good working environment providing by the EPZ authority. 4.This company situated beside sea port. So it’s a suitable location for export & import. 5.Support from government for the expansion of existing producers already in Bangladesh.

1.Economic depression in the whole world may hamper the garments industries. 2.Rapidly increasing the competitors due to open market facilities. 3.Growing bargaining power of buyer and supplier

4.The biggest threat will be the fierce competition from efficient producers. 5.The new trading environment is going to pose serious challenges for the RMG industry in Bangladesh.
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