Management in Architecture

Topics: Project management, Construction, Architecture Pages: 5 (1176 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Management in Architecture ARCH 403; Spring 2013

Final Assignment
Student Name: Fatih Ersin
Student ID: 0920049

Project location : Kosevsko Brdo, Municipality of Centre, Sarajevo, BiH

Investor : Private sector investor/client

Project Budget : 2.3 million €

Project Duration : 4 months

Target Group : Students, Residents

Project Manager : Fatih Ersin

1.1. Project Description

Due to improvement of social life in Sarajevo ,the client wanted to attrack people by a cinema multiplex building including other facilites beside cinema. According to his desires the site was detected where the students usually are, to take their attention and to satisfy their needs.

The required documentation and permits are going to be issued. The budget is 2.3 million € and the techincal assistance should be done by taking care of the budget and desires of the client.


Since the client has not mentioned where the complex is going to be, a site was selected by our assistance and the codes and regulations of the site were taken from centre municipality of Sarajevo. They might give the permits we need, or forbid some things in our design.

Client wishes to have a complex although he doesn’t have any Picture in his mind. Hence we will picture the complex and he might agree or disagree with some assistance.

Project Team
From architects to engineers, all the team members are working on the Project according to client’s desires. They should finish their responsibilities on time.

Residents/Students near by
The site was selected in a location where the social life is not so active, but ready to be since there are some faculties. A lot of Student live there and also the local people need to spend some time near by. Hence this complex will effect them and their life.

2.1. Overall Objectives

The main objective of the Project is to have a cinema complex to attrack people near by and s to provide a better socail life with a modern approach. Therefore the expectation is to take people there instead of going to the places far away from their neighbourhood.

2.2. Specific Objectives

Site Analysis
The site was detected in a location where the faculites mostly are. There are some other main concert areas around, and stadiums as well which are temporary. The site is on an open spcae and no buildings around so it will be easy to Access from both side of the complex and easy to provide a fresh atmosphere in interior design providing the daylight from all sides. Design Services

All the assistance of architectural and engineering designs are going to be done by our team. During the 4 months period of that techincal assistance, the materials that are going to be used will be choosen by the team in order to have a steel construction to provide several movie halls and around 600 seats there should be some specific deisgn services with a specific material choices to answer this requirement, since it is the main purpose. After these technical plannings, responsible persons will make drawings , sections and relevant details and prepare it for architectural and civil engineering works after which it will be revised by the authorised personel and eventually will get construction permit. Budget

To finish the asked assistance in order to provide the implentation of construction within the budget of 2,300,000 € is one of the specific objectives. To make sure everything is going as planned design consultant will be in constant contact with client's supervising officer, especially to make sure every work is contained within the available budget for the project.

3.1. Risks

Cost Related risk
The technical assistance should be prepared according to the mentioned budget. Otherwise an extraordinary design...
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