Monthly Status Report to Sponsors

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Monthly Status Report to Sponsors 1

Monthly Status Report to Sponsors
INF410: Project Management Professor Name

Monthly Status Report to Sponsors 2

I was asked to a assume that I am the project manager of a software company and the team that I lead is in charge of delivering and update to tax preparation software for the next tax season. The fact is that the developers are spread across the country and I need to provide a status of the operation to the sponsor. They will also be informed about the two most important risks and the ways to mitigate these risks. The report will end by concluding whether or not additional resources are needed. Report

As of right now, the project is going according to plan. We are currently in the process of updating the tax software for the next tax season. We have ten developers working on it; however they are located across country; this may sound or seem to be a disadvantage, however, they are all capable of communicating with each other over the internet. Some important things that I must take into consideration are, there is a three day weekend coming this month and I need to make sure that this will not influence the amount of work that needs to be done for the project. The project stands well because 9 of the 10 developers consider they will finish the task two weeks earlier, while one of the (who intends to leave the company after finishing the project) will also finish before the due date. The fact that we are still under budget with costs and that the developers are ahead with the work is a good thing.

There are two important aspects that need to be considered. The first one is that we have three developers located in Florida and there is hurricane season over there. We need to assess the possibility that they will not be able to complete their work on time and that their tasks...
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