Surveying Report

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Surveying Report
The purpose of this report is to highlight the key issues involved in the completion of the land survey. It shows how CCE initially planned out what was to be done, and throughout the report we can see what went to plan and what had to be changed or dealt with in a different manner. From this report a drawing has been produced, and the method that was undertaken to achieve creating a successful drawing.

The Planning Stage
Before we began our survey CCE planned a series of issues that, in our opinion, would give us a good advantage on the day of the actual survey. We initially began a desk study of the site. This involved looking into the site uses in order to gain valuable information about the area. We also looked at adjacent buildings (e.g. the Harbour Hotel) and roads connected to the car park. From this we could evaluate some important points such as: At peak times there were high levels of traffic in the area, and also delivery trucks and other vehicles (e.g. forklifts) were constantly on the go. This showed us that we had to be aware of our surroundings at all times, and every group nominated a person to specifically keep an eye on traffic at all times. This was followed by a site reconnaissance. This “walk-over survey” involved seeing the actual site. Getting to walk around and see what the actual on-site conditions were like gave us a good idea of what the actual survey would involve. From this walk-over, we were able to establish the key features to be surveyed. We conducted a site risk assessment in advance of the survey. This prepared us for possible hazards, ranging from minor to fatal. This made us extremely aware of all dangers on-site, and gave us guidance on how to complete the survey in a safer manner. In preparation of the survey we received a series of tutorials, where we learned how to use a total station. This involved both a detailed lecture and also numerous practical sessions. From this we were able to set up in a considerably short space of time, and improved our skills on operating the total station. We also received up-skilling in Autocad. We completed a number of drawings during tutorials, where we became accustomed to basic commands and also some applicable more advanced commands. At the end of our planning stage, we had access to the total station we were assigned to use for the survey. CCE was assigned the Leike, and the day before the survey we broke into two groups and practised using the specific EMD. These were the groups we would be in for the survey and we decided each group would survey a different part of the overall site boundary. Therefore everybody had a clear understanding of their roles for the survey.

We began our implementation stage early in the morning on the day of the survey. We organized all the equipment that was to be taken with us, and we made sure everything was on the bus when we left. Upon arrival we created a sketch of the assigned area. We noted the key points in our sketch that were to be surveyed (as shown in Figure 4.1). From our planning stage we had a chosen station set-up point. However on the day we found that it was located directly between a delivery truck and a storage unit; therefore our set-up point was in the line of a forklift. We chose another point closely nearby (GWY5), where we could survey three points of buildings 1 and 2, and two points of building 3 (as shown in Figure 4.2). We set up a GPS signal at GWY5 (our set-up point) and recorded the corresponding Eastings, Northings and Level. We then entered these into our total station. We also got the coordinates of a control point (GWY7). The other half of CCE surveying the car park also recorded this control point; this gave us a single point that could be used to link both areas in the resulting Autocad drawing. In accordance with our planning stage, we took measures to improve safety. We did this by wearing high visibility jackets and...
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