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Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Decision theory Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Section A: Compulsory Question
There have been numerous topics and themes covered in Organisational Analysis. Using examples to illustrate, explain how the various individual, interpersonal, group and organisational levels are inter-related and can be used to understand peoples' behaviour in organisations.

Why perception is an important aspect in understanding organization? What factors influence an individual’s perception? Give examples in how perception impacts in topic covered in the course

Why dose conflict occur in organization? What styles of conflict management might be used by managers to address conflict and when should be used?

They argued that people typically have a preferred conflict resolution style. However they also noted that different styles were most useful in different situations. Once you understand the different styles, you can use them to think about the most appropriate approach (or mixture of approaches) for the situation you're in. You can also think about your own instinctive approach, and learn how you need to change this if necessary. Ideally you can adopt an approach that meets the situation, resolves the problem, respects people's legitimate interests, and mends damaged working relationships

There are many strategies in this context that one can choose from, but depending on what the situation demands for, it is better to be flexible in your approach when it comes to managing conflict

What is meant by term’ organizational politics? Discuss some of the political tactics that might be employed in an organizational setting

, ‘organizational memory refers to stored information from an organization's history that can be brought to bear on present decisions' (1991, p.61). They proceed to elaborate a model of organizational memory whereby information is acquired and then retained in ‘five storage bins or retention facilities that compose the structure of memory within organizations' (1991, p.63). These storage bins...
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