Analyzing Personal Conflict Management Style

Topics: Management, Conflict, Conflict management Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: May 21, 2012
This paper will explain and critique conflict management style. It will describe at least three conflict management styles, which conflict management style do I personally use most frequently and why I do. It will also describe the difficulties I have dealt with others who use different conflict management styles then me. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each conflict management style. Finally I will describe conflict avoidance and its interrelationship with conflict management. The first of four conflict styles I will discuss is “avoidance.” When some people use or prefer this type of conflict management style, he or she tries to ignore any conflict or disagreement that may either concern them directly or indirectly. When avoidance is chosen often time it is not successful in the end because eventually everyone must face what is before them whether it is something they want to face. According to Gannon, S., Roche, B., Kantar, J. W. & Forsyth, J.P., Linehan, C. (2011) “It is now argued that crucial to developing a more sophisticated account that can accommodate instances of apparently “unconditioned” anxiety is the observation that verbally able humans have been shown to derive relations among stimuli, and that neutral stimuli can gain both eliciting and discriminative functions without direct training with little difficulty.” (pg. 2)

The next style is “accommodation.” Accommodation is often times used for many of the same reasons that avoidance is used. Many people do not like to face conflict so instead they prefer to accommodate everyone else to avoid any chance at conflict. When one accommodates others, they never say what they think or feel which can eventually make him or her turn into an angry person. An accommodating person can become so angry that they refuse to help or aide others when their help is truly needed. Mainly because he or she feels taken advantage of even if it is by their own choice, the choice is often to not speak...
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