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Diversity Management3

Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities4

International Business5

General and Strategic Planning5
Organizing Work and Synergism6

Organization Structure and Chart6

Work Team Utilization7


Employee Training and Development7

Motivating Employees8

Leadership and Management8

Managing Conflict and Stress8

Managing Change9


Appraising and Rewarding9

Operations Management and Plans10

Operations Control10

The mission at the 509 Medical Group is to provide comprehensive, efficient health systems support to our Wing's nuclear and conventional mission, care for our nation's warriors and their families, and prepare competent medics to excel-anytime, anywhere. Their vision is to deliver trusted patient-centered healthcare and unparalleled support of the total force mission. They achieve both through efficient, well planned management techniques. TRANSITION PARAGRAPH

I personally conducted research in the management techniques and processes that are implemented in my place of employment, the 509 Medical Group. I looked into topics such as diversity, control, planning, organizational structure and many more. BODY

Diversity Management
As defined by Rue and Byars diversity in the workforce is “including people of different genders, races, religions, nationalities, ethnic groups, age groups and physical abilities.” (Rue and Byars, pg10) The United States military employs members from multiple ethnic, religious and cultural back grounds. The military has evolved with different movements in our country; from civil rights to women’s rights and recently gay and lesbian rights. During one of the interviews I had with a 509 Medical Group (MDG) member she described to me the changes she has seen in the last 14 years. “When I first joined I was a minority, being female, often times I was treated with disrespect and told women should not be in the military due to emotional and physical restraints. I feel like I have more than proved myself and I feel as the years progressed that women are less of a minority and are earning more respect.” (TSgt Sonya Kenck) Working at the 509 MDG I have noticed a fairly equal balance between males and female and I have not noted discrimination towards anyone. From a global stance diversity can also mean accepting the differences and similarities in other cultures. In the United States Air Force there are military bases all over the world, many members from the 509 (MDG) have either been stationed or deployed to these bases. This in itself brings a sense of diversity to the group. Before deploying to a foreign nation members must go through cultural sensitivity training to help with understanding the citizens of other nations. Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities

In the military ethical issues are addressed a little differently than on the civilian side. We have what is called customs and courtesies which if violated, are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In the Air Force we have core values integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do. The 509 MDG enforces these values and customs with its employees and the members it provides services to.

I interviewed my current supervisor to discuss social responsibilities that apply to the 509 MDG. She said that “In order to receive high rating on your performance report it is required that you accomplish volunteer hours directly impacting your community, your base and the 509 MDG” (SSgt Heather McCoy). As a group the 509 MDG holds volunteer opportunities...
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