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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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4DEP Activity One

Use this table as the structure for your report. Use the headings provided to structure your report.

Before you hand in your report, make sure that you remove the guidance points that have been included. These are in blue in the table below.

| |The HR Profession Map: An overview | | | | | |The HR professions Map is a tool that can be used to self assess capability against activities, knowledge and behaviours of an HR professional | | |within the CIPD Professions Map. | | | | | |The HR Professionals Map consists of 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands. | | | | | |Within the 10 professional areas there are two core professional areas. The first being, ‘Insights, strategy and solutions’ and the second ‘Leading | | |HR’. The are a further 8 specialist professional areas which are Organisation Design, Organisational Development, Resourcing and Talent Planning, | | |Learning and Talent Development, Performance and Reward, Employee Engagement, employee Relations and Service Delivery and Information. | | | | | |The eight behaviours within the professions map are, curious, decisive thinker, skilled influencer, driven to deliver, collaborative, personally | | |credible, courage to challenge and role model. | | | | | |And then finally there are 4 bands within the map, band 1 being the beginning of an HR Profession through to band 4 which is for the most senior of | | |managers. | | |Comments on one Professional Area: Resource and Talent Management | | | | | |In my role as an HR Advisor I believe that I am operating at band 1. | | | | | |Having reviewed the HR Profession Map, I believe that the professional area called resource and talent planning is the most relevant to my role. In | | |terms of activities, knowledge and skills, I believe that the following are essential to my role and I have indicated the reasons for each one being| | |essential: | | |...