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Developing Yourself as an Effective Practitioner
This assignment is broken down into a number of sections as per the below: Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map
Activity 2 – Providing Effective and Timely Service.
Activity 3 – My Personal Development Plan.
Activity 4 – Unit Feedback and Reflection.

Activity 1 – The HR Profession Map
This report covers outputs from the HR Profession Map for the role of the Training & Development Advisor at Next Distribution. The CIPD have developed the HR Map and this is split into 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands. Having reviewed the map I believe my role within Next distribution sits predominantly at band 2 with some areas of the map being at band 1 and 3. The CIPD state of the 10 professional areas of the HR map, the 2 below are considered as 'key areas' as they extend across the other 8. I have also included learning and talent development as this is pivotal to my role: * Strategy insights and solutions - working closely with the management team to drive change, based on insights from both internal and external factors. Looking to embed the company's strategic plan identifying and overcoming barriers when applicable. * Leading and managing the HR function - working closely with all of the HR team to ensure we have the right culture, policies and processes in place to support the delivery of a fun, fair and rewarding environment. * Learning and talent development - ensuring that all staff regardless of grade and level have the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil their roles with motivation to continue their development to progress to the next role. Below is an overview of the 8 behaviours featured within the HR Map and how I demonstrate these within my role at Next Distribution. * Driven to deliver - focusing on the business driver’s ensuring all I put in place supports one or more of these. SMART objectives are in place considering how staff can be engaged and or...
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