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Chartered Institute of
Personnel and Development

Unit 4DEP Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development (L&D) Practitioner

Activity 1 & 2

Siobhan Lally
Elaine Worthington

This report is written on the Human Resources Profession Map which is used around the world to help HR professionals analyse their own personal standards and progress. It is used to establish how they can grow and develop their own knowledge in this area. The HR map is broken down into four bands covering ten professional areas and eight behaviours. Below describes the two core professional areas which all HR or L&D professionals should carry out and the areas in which are most essential to my role. This report will also identify customer needs and how as a HR practitioner these are presented timely and effectively.

Professional Areas
Insights, Strategy and Solutions
This professional area “develops actionable insights and solutions, prioritised and tailored around a deep understanding of business, contextual and organisational understanding,” (CIPD website, HR Professional Map). It is crucial that we have an understanding and can demonstrate that understanding as a practitioner, whether you are at the Band 1 stage or are in administration. Or if you are at Band 4 stage and are leading HR. This key area is about developing an understanding of what is happening in the organisation internally and externally. At band 1 or 2 would mean internally you are contributing to this area by managing all administration and record keeping. Collaboration and good team work is about passing on information promptly and keeping colleagues up to date. An example of this could be developing good record keeping abilities. This would entail keeping up to date records of all new starter information on an excel spreadsheet. The collection of data such as Health & Safety Policies and reporting of accurate key information back to the manager would be an important part of this process. It would involve mentoring any new employee and the ability to chase any outstanding documents would be a key factor in developing this role.

Continuously development is a personal area for growth. It would be an advantage to update personal knowledge by reading relevant information and articles. Opportunities to use CIPD website to locate information could be used. Alternatively internally applying and updating company policies could be relevant. Practitioners that are driven to deliver may relate to this professional area by setting their own personal goals in the long term and in the short term could set personal tasks and keep track of their own progress.

Leading HR
Leading HR is another core professional area to all working in Human Resources or as a Learning and Development Practitioner despite the stage of their career. It is all about continually learning and developing as a professional. This is done by seeking feedback and advice in all areas of professional development. Somebody that is curious would use this information to reflect and analyse ideas and to take on board change. Leading HR is something that I do in my role as a HR Assistant daily. One way I do this is by recording information in relation to hours and sales for our external shops, this is done in the form of KPIs. The behaviour of a decisive thinker would lead HR by assessing the data, ensure all is correct and use common sense and knowledge to report on these and to question them to an area manager if for example the overall sales look particularly low. This is also the actions of a curious character.

There are eight behaviours within the HR Professional Map which depending on which band and at which professional area you are at, all HR Professionals should carry out. Below is a list of all the behaviours, these are described at four bands of...
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