Management and Hr Profession Map

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Ans 1.
The HR profession map captures wat successful and effective HR people do and deliver across every aspect and specialism of profession and sets out the required activities behaviours and knowledge. It covers 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours set out in 4 bands of competence . In brevity the map covers every level of the HR profession from band 1 at the start of the career through band 4 for most senior leaders. It has been designed in such a manner so that it is useful to HR professionals operating whichever part of the world and in all shapes and sizes. It can be used as a tool for professional analysis as It can be used to assess your capability against the activities, knowledge and behaviours in the CIPD HR Profession Map and access recommendations for development.

Ans 2.
The two professional areas Insights strategies and solutions and leading HR sit at the heart of the profession and are applicable to all HR professionals regardless of role location or stage of career, whether inside organisations or working along with them. They underpin the direction of the profession as an applied business discipline with people and organisation specialism and describe how great HR professionals work for HR purpose – sustainable organisation performance to be made real by using insights to create HR strategies and deliver solutions that stick taking people with them and staying innovative. Developing actionable insights and solutions and understanding of business contextual and organisational understanding. The understanding – and resulting insights – allows us to create prioritised and situational HR strategies that make the most difference and build a compelling case for change.

Ans 3
Resourcing and talent planning :
The HR professional working in this area ensures that the organisation is able to identify and attract right people with the capability to create competitive advantage and that it actively manages an appropriate balance...
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