Medical Evacuation Homework

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Medical Evacuation Homework

1. What is the primary function of the ambulance team?
Providing MEDEVAC and en route care from either the soldier’s point of injury or a CCP to the squadron aid station/treatment team or brigade medical element providing area support.

1) The ambulance headquarters element performs route reconnaissance and develops and issues graphic overlays to all its ambulance teams. It also coordinates and establishes AXPs for both air and ground ambulances, as required. 2) The ambulance platoon headquarters element maintains communications to direct ground ambulance evacuation of patients. It provides ground ambulance evacuation support for supported maneuver battalions and for supported units operating in the sustainment areas. 3) Ambulance squads provide ground ambulance evacuation of patients from supported BASs/unit aid stations back to the Role 2 MTF that is located in the brigade support area (BSA). An ambulance squad consists of two ambulance teams (two ambulances, wheel or tracked vehicles). 4) Ambulance squad personnel—

* Perform EMT, evacuate patients, and provide for their continued care en route. * Operate and maintain assigned communication and navigational equipment. * Perform preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on ambulances and associated equipment. * Maintain supply levels for the ambulance medical equipment sets (MES). * Ensure that appropriate property exchange of medical items (such as litters and blankets) is made at sending and receiving MTF. * Prepare patients for ground and air medical evacuation. * Provide medical evacuation of wounded or injured Soldiers from the POI to supporting MTF, CCP or AXP. * Initiate the DD Form 1380, FMC, as required.

* Provide emergency movement of medical personnel and emergency delivery of blood, medical supplies, and medical equipment. * Assist in the care of COSR casualties.
* Maintain operational readiness of the ambulance.
* Resupply company and platoon trauma specialists, when required. * Operate the vehicle and maintain contact with supported and supporting elements. * Find and collect the wounded.
* Serve as messengers within medical channels.

2. What is the primary function of preventive medicine section?

1) Ensures measures are implemented to protect personnel against food, water, and arthropodborne diseases, as well as environmental injuries. 2) Provides advice and consultation in the area of health threat assessment, FHP, environmental sanitation, epidemiology, sanitary engineering, and pest management. 3) Assists the higher headquarters in determining requirements for medical intelligence assessments, particularly with respect to CBRN and disease prevalence. 4) Coordinates with supporting veterinary teams for conducting and implementing food safety and quality assurance surveillance and assisting in foodborne and zoonotic disease surveillance and control. 3. What are the means by which commanders express their visualization, commander’s intent, and decisions? They focus on results the commander expects to achieve. These provide the basis for ensuring that medical evacuation operations are comprehensively planned, synchronized, responsive, and ensure a seamless continuum of care.

Operation plans and orders. These operation plans and orders help form the basis commanders use to synchronize military operations. They encourage initiative by providing the what and why of a mission, and leave the how to accomplish the mission to subordinates. They give subordinates the operational and tactical freedom to accomplish the mission by providing the minimum restrictions and details necessary for synchronization and coordination.

4. What are medical evacuation planning considerations?
Mission, Enemy, Terrain and Weather, Troops and Support Available, Time available, Civil Considerations

5. It is essential that the...
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