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Daniel Hussey has been a shift manager at the franchise fast food restaurant Burger King for 1 year. He has previously been a manager of an Auckland McDonald’s restaurant. Burger King is a fast food restaurant and there is many roles such as manager, cook, tell worker and maintenance. Daniel will manage all staff members that are rostered on at the time of his shift, which will be 3-5 people.

Mintzberg Managerial roles:
Samson, D., Catley, C., Cathro, V., Daft, R. (2012).

Daniel Hussey fulfils a few mintzberg roles in his daily work, mainly interpersonal and decisional. * Leader role: Daniel will allocate employees to different stations so the business will run smoothly. He will also train employees so they can continue learning new skills and can improve as workers. * Disturbance Handler: If there is a problem with a customer he will follow his steps to resolve the problem. If employees have an issue with another employee or with other aspects of their job he will do his best to solve the problem but if he can’t he will notify his manager to resolve it.

Katz Skills:
Samson et al. (2012).

Daniel is a shift manager/supervisor therefore he is in the level of first line management. * Human Skills: He uses human skills in the way that he makes employees feel comfortable coming to him with a problem. He motivates our staff to do the best to their ability but also doesn’t push them too hard. * Technical skills: Daniel knows how to do everything that needs to be done within the store, which makes it easier to teach new staff.

Gardner’s 5 minds:
* Disciplinary: Daniel knows how to do everything within his job, he needs to know everything so that he can properly train his staff.

Classical Perspective:
* Daniel uses scientific management in the way that he puts the right person on the job with the correct tools and equipment. This is an example of scientific management. There is a specific way to train staff and Daniel follows...
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