Learning Team Skills and Assessment Paper

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Learning Team C Skills Assessment Paper
Patrice Davis, Cindy Jost, Silvia Miller, Mike Wray
January 31, 2011
Renee´ Jackson, Ed.D.

Summary of Learning Team C Skills
In the University of Phoenix curricula GEN480 Capstone course, Learning Team C represents a somewhat diverse group of skills. Based on a matrix of categories including field of expertise, strengths, business skills, computer skills, and language, the four members of Learning Team C shared their self-assessment in each of these. It is interesting that there is a good complement of customer service, leadership, business acumen, computer skills, and even some additional foreign language skills. Patrice Davis – A strong customer service background with good listening and communication skills. Patrice is also team-oriented and has good basic computer skills. Cindy Jost – A member of management, Cindy has experience in the travel industry and in addition to leadership, lists communication, negotiation skills and software knowledge as strengths. Silvia Miller – Silvia represents the quality assurance management side of commercial banking. Her strengths are leadership, people skills, flexibility, software knowledge, and speaks three languages including fluent Portuguese. Mike Wray – Seasoned leader and manager with a focus on health care supply chain management. Mike brings experience in common-sense approach process improvement and good communication skills. He also has a good understanding of software and databases and their best application.

The skill of these positions is a combination of personal strengths, business skills and computer skills. The personal strengths range from professionalism to social skills, from dependability to honesty, from ambition to understanding, and trustworthiness to leadership skills. From the examination of the skills listed it appears that the skill required in most functions listed is public speaking and presentation skills.

Although public speaking...
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