Case Study Mr.Dees

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Case Study: Mr.Dees

* Mr.Dee is a hard-working person that he studied in Berkeley and did his master in international trade. At the same he got married but he is has some unknown and blind factors which causes him to change his job a lot and lost his family. He needed to become more self-aware.

He quit his job and he started to work with the company, Mitsubishi. Besides working in there, he started his own company with a partnership. Mr Dee, his partner and his partner’s wife have different things to do in the company and at first they make good money. Then Mr.Dee began hearing rumors and started to search it without biases.

“In that situation it can be clearly seen that he shows the “”BLIND” characteristics of JoHari Window. With the feedback he can be more open but for now he is just know by other but not by himself. He should exactly increase his self awareness.”

* Mr.Dee realized that Mr.Dee’s partner and his wife embezzled him. It was discovered that they moved lots of money to their account. Also the bills and credit card debts all fall on Mr.Dee. He had to work 4 years to pay all these debts. This is the second time that he lost his everything and he needs to begin again.

“The managerial competencies that should be done by an effective manager is not implemented by Mr.Dees. He was not planned, coordinated, designed or organized.” * Mr.Dee went to Iowa back to work for elevators. This company was in a really bad situation that days. Even if the manager fired too many workers,he hired Mr.Dee. On the other hand, he lost his home so he has to move somewhere far away from work but stil in those condition he provides to the company $3 million profit.

“Mr.Dees put the action of the open system model’s managerial competencies to change according to environment like implementing and sustaining the change and using the power effectively. Also he shows the personalty of “GIVER” in Meyers Briggs Personality Test by moving.”

* Mr.Dee had a nonrenewal contract with Albert City Elevator. Despite the otther deparments were not making Money, Mr.Dee’s department that is marketing is the one which makes a lot Money. He is very successful at dealing with the workers. He always tries to be close with them, not in just work but also in their private life as well. However when the company becomes a part fo Cargill, Mr.Dee was again out of his job. “As we seen in the Human Relations Model, he focused on ensuring all the workers know what what is expected of them. That means that he shows a high level of self awareness”

* When Mr.Dee was working for Agri, he made a business plan for Mr.Steven who wants to buy The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. He did not just want to sell this plan, he wants to explain to members that they can emotionally involved. At first he applied the forming and storming stages of team building in order to be more acceptable. Then he applied the norming phase to push the team to be more creative. Lastly the performing stage applied to identified the communicators of the group. Mr.Dee decreased the number of crew in union from 5 to 2 and conviced everyone that it is more efficient. With that he became the Vice President for marketing department for that company.

“He clarified how his business plan worked and explain it clearly. Then he built a team. In that part team development took place. The actions that are taken were like setting the team and assuming each members role. Then setting their pecking boundries. Also trying to go along toward achieving the aim and finally capturing the knowledge. In addition to the development of that team, Mr.Dees gave too much importance on communication.”

* There are 2 issues that helped to the railroad to succeed. Firstly, management should take a union agreement. The important part in here is to be part of his cross-functional team He explained the guidelines of cross functional teams and encouraged the union members to accept...
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