Ilm 2 Managing Yourself

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Managing yourself

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Know how to manage yourself and your time in line with team and organisational goals

Three strengths I believe I have as a team leader are:-
• Expert knowledge I have worked in the Machine Shop for 15 years now and during that time I have amassed a lot of knowledge regarding the people, the products, the machines and the processes. I have been involved in a number of these processes and projects and also learned CNC programming. This is a key strength in my area as my team always have assistance on hand when problems arise or they are unsure of anything. • Resource management My daily routine involves effective utilisation of the resources available to me. These are typically the machines, the materials and the people. I must ensure that all machines/processes are operational and productive at all times and that my team are working effectively and efficiently to achieve their production goals. This is a key strength I feel I possess that enables my team to consistently perform at their optimum level and provide maximum machine uptime and productivity. • Motivational I feel I possess very good interpersonal skills that benefit my team greatly. I firmly believe that this strength is extremely important to forge a strong team and a unity within that increases productivity and also job satisfaction. Performance monitoring is a key element to coordination along with production/completion targets and it is easy to jump on someone’s back about underperformance, albeit necessary. On the flip side however I personally believe that it is equally, if not more, important to compliment and give praise when things are done correctly and positively. I feel I also have a good understanding of individual members of my teams’ different motivational needs and what makes them tick.

I have thought about setting personal SMART objectives and decided to come up with three differing objectives that are personal, but will assist my team if I complete them. In order of priority (the most important first) they are:-

1. Ensure 90% of my team achieve company individual productivity target of 80% (ie. complete 48 minutes work for every hour clocked).

Specific Each individual to achieve 80% target Measurable Recorded through the Mainframe data
Achievable Currently approx. 75% achieve the target consistently already Realistic All resources are readily available to achieve it Timed To be achieved within three months

2. Achieving 50% machine uptime on a new machine that has just been purchased

Specific 50% actual machining time (12 hours/day) on the new Multus B300 Measurable This will be recorded through using the CIMCO (Machine Monitoring) software

Achievable This is agreed with team and management Realistic All resources required to achieve are available; machine, tooling, time, knowledge and support

Timed Six month time period

3. My work area (Machining 1) to achieve the company average score of 77% on the weekly 5S audit

Specific Encourage and work with team to achieve the 77% company average Measurable Through weekly audit scores (currently average 56%) Achievable Other areas consistently achieve the target Realistic The team all have the knowledge, training and time available Timed Three month time period

A simple time management technique that could be used to assist in achieving objectives is a time management matrix. This could take the following format:-

| |DO NOW |PLAN TO DO | | |...
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