Making Decisions

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Topic: Some people make decisions quickly. Others arrive at decisions only after long, careful thought. Which type of decision do you most often make? Use specific details and examples to support your answer.

There is an European proverb says “Each person’s life is a series of decisions”, which means that our decisions will have big effects on our life, including good ones and bad ones. To decide truly and then make my life better, I often arrive at decisions only after long, careful thought instead of deciding something quickly because of its following properties.

First of all, making decisions, especially important ones, is a process of searching for almost every aspect of a matter and then thinking carefully about available ways to deal with all of them as perfectly as possible. It usually requires you much time to find out necessary information about a matter, analyse and then summarize it; thus, to finish this whole process well, you should spend enough time and think carefully before making each decision to attain the best result.

On the other hand, when you make decisions after long, careful thought, you can avoid wasting time to return to that matter once again. Bill Gates, a successful businessman, said that: “You should spend enough time and think carefully to make a right decision for the first time. If you are willing to examine your decisions again, it can effect badly not only on your work but also on your determination in the first decision-making.” Throughout these points, we can see the good effects of making decisions after a long, careful thought.

For these above analysis and judgements, we cannot deny the benefits of making decisions within enough time and careful thought. Although sometimes, we must decide quickly to grasp the chances, in most situations, we should be patient and think carefully before making decisions to have good results as well as avoiding regreting about wrong decisions which were...
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