Gm530 Final Exaple

Topics: Management, Decision making, Risk Pages: 8 (2301 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Course Project GM530
DeVry University – Keller Graduate School of Management

Professor –Managerial Decision-Making (GM530)

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem4
Problem Statement4
Summary of Key Objectives:5
Description of Alternatives:6
Consequence Table with Original Values: Retirement / Job Change Costs7
Ranking Alternatives: Title8
Scoring Model: Scoring the Alternatives8
Weighted Scoring Model: Decision time8
Risk Profile: Title9
Implementation, Monitoring and Control10
Works Cited12

Executive Summary
Decision clarity in decision making is one of the most important items in being able to make informative and quick decisions in business and in one’s personal life. Luda Kopeikina in our text states “The time spent on achieving clarity pays back in solutions that reach your objective through the fastest route, eliminating unnecessary diversions.” My problem is how to make a decision on a possible career change and if it is wise at this time in my life with only 10 years to go until my planned retirement. In his book on Organizational Behavior John Schermerhorn states that “decision making is the process of choosing a course of action for dealing with a problem or opportunity.” I will look to answer my dilemma with data to decide what the proper course of action might be and what the soundest decisions are in being able to complete my career by the time I turn 60 which is in 10 years. This will include looking at new job opportunities, opening my own business or just staying in my current career field until I reach my planned retirement age. I currently have retired from the US Army and am semi-retired from Intel Corporation as a global manager. Do I need to continue? Should I change career fields into something more or less challenging? Should I take the risk and step out to open my own business? This decision template will be designed to help me make a decision on what is the best direction for me, retirement and career opportunities at this time in my life, using my degrees and work experience to facilitate the best opportunity at the detraction of my current age. Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem

Problem Statement
At the age of 50 job changes can be career ending, most people are heading towards retirement or looking to do something new (which is where I find myself today). I have completed 3 career roles which many people only get one chance at: 1) Retired from the US Army in 2000

2) Semi-retired from Intel Corporation after 9 years as a senior global manager in 2009 3) Graduated from College with my BS in Technical Management at age 49 in 2011 and will graduate with my MBA in 2012. I have done it backwards from the way most go about reaching retirement which brings my dilemma, do I now in the twilight of my career look to move to another challenge and decision of where do I want to go at this time in my life: 1) Open my own business?

2) Look to change roles and company into a higher level role? 3) Stay in my current role as a Vendor Manager and build another retirement check? My goal is totally retire at age 60 this gives me 10 years of work to complete that will provide me income and add to my retirement portfolio. The elements of the problem are: 1) Keeping my income at its current level or higher

2) My families welfare
3) Personal satisfaction from my decision
I still need to be successful, keep my current lifestyle and pay scale, not use money for an entrepreneurial escapade that will go toward retirement and still have money to send my youngest daughters to college in 10 years while keeping my own career goals. Objectives

To make a decision on the direction of my career, where I will be in 10 years and what it will provide for the future. This should be self-fulfilling and...
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