Cmi 5002

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UNIT 5002


Simon Butterfield

Table of contents

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Be able to identify and select sources of data and information4-5 What is information?4

Be able to analyse and present information to support
decision making6-9
What is Decision Making6
Decision making styles6
Decision making model6
Group Decision Making8
Risks to Group Decision Making8 Decision making tools9

Be able to communicate the results of information analysis
and decisions 10-13

Dangers and Barriers11
Methods of Communication11
Improving Communication12
Chairing Meetings13
Reasons for Ineffective Meetings13
Meetings I Attend13
Difficult People14
Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiation14
Closing Statement15



The following report is going to explain about decision making in my workplace, it is going to be split into 3 major bodies. Identifying information, analyse the information and communicate the results.

Decision making can take time for some decisions to be made, others will take no time at all as we make them every day, unknown to us, every minute of every day we are making management decisions without knowing it.

We are going to concentrate on larger decisions to be made, not every day issues, Decision making is all about gathering information, anlysing it, understanding the pros and cons of each path to be taken and deciding which to take to get where you need to go, some steps are easier if shared with others within the team.

Be able to identify and select sources of data and information

What is information?

According to your dictionary online (, data can be defined as facts or figures to be processed; evidence, records, statistics, etc. from which conclusions can be inferred and information in a form suitable for storing and processing by a computer. Data is basically statistics based on information. Data only becomes information when it is processed to be meaningful, processed for a reason and understood by the recipient.

Within my establishment I have various possibilities of which information is gained, Most of the information I need to make a decision is available fairly easily, this is available on the internet within BAE systems. Lets take a scenario – my team has a bank of pipes to fit within the pressure hull of the submarine. The information needed is from isometric and arrangement drawings that show were in the correct place these pipes will go, the drawings are available from DIPS a section that issues all drawings to BAE personnel. There are two types of drawings one is an arrangement and there are isometrics. Arrangement drawings give most of information needed to install the pipes, like how they joint together e.g. flange, weld or screwed fittings ETC, it also shows which pipes connect to each other, within the backing sheets the information given is the corporate part numbers of all identified fittings and things needed to fit the system. The isometrics show each pipe separately, showing the pipes dimensions, bend data and datum’s giving exact information to the individual pipe. All this information is just the first part of info needed to fit the system, as well as these drawings, other information is needed, process instructions on how the best practice to set a pipe up for welding, clipping a grade 1 pipe system ECT. This information is also gained from the internet, from a part called the process library. This information is used to do the job as that is the way it should be done and there is no deviation from this, it should be followed to the letter to get it the job done right. As well as the process instructions, as a technical team...
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