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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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Changing My Major
Annie Farber
Friends University
Writing 2

Changing My Major
Enrolling at Friends University Freshman year I had the mind set of what I wanted to major in. Majoring in the Ballet Program was the path I was so positive that would lead me to my future job after college. But after getting settled into college and moving out of state my mind set on the path I had chosen changed.

In April of 2011 my senior year of high school I had visited Friends University during my Spring Break. Honestly, I was not at all excited to visit the campus. Living in Chicago, IL all my life, the thought of going to school in Kansas did not spark my interest. Once I arrived on campus my attitude on how I felt changed. The first thing I noticed was how amazing the grass looked. It was a nice 80 degree day. I felt so welcomed by the admissions office. While visiting on campus I had my ballet audition with Sharon Rogers. She made me feel so comfortable that I wasn’t even nervous. My audition went better than I had planned. Sharon took me into her office to inform me that I had been accepted into the Ballet Program. After she told me the amazing news, I immediately knew that Friends University was the right fit for me. As I was walking back to the Davis Building, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was going to college as a Ballet Major.

While waiting for my in the admissions office, I noticed all the other flyers for the other majors offered at Friends. I glanced at some of them, but the one flyer that caught my attention besides the Ballet sheet was the Zoo Science flyer. I picked up the flyer and read it. The classes offered in that field seemed so interesting and different from the classes that I was taking. The idea of working as a Zoo Keeper seemed like it would be such a fun but hard working experience. I had went back to Sharon’s office in Riney and asked if it was possible to double major as a Ballet Major along with Zoo Science. She had told me that it would be...
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