Topics: Illness, Nursing, Intensive care medicine Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Camelia Sheffield
University of Tennessee at Martin


The hospitalization of family members in a critical care setting presents an array of emotions for family members. Critical illness often occurs without warning leaving families feeling vulnerable and helpless with no clear knowledge of what to expect from health care professionals or patient outcomes. The challenge for critical care nurses (Registered Nurses {RNs}) Is to provide care for aggressively managed, critically ill patients while attending the needs of stressed family members CRITICAL CARE FAMILY NEEDS

Critical care family need of patients in ICU setting may experience fear anger, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder . Nurses and physicians do accurately predict needs of patient’s individualized instruction with proactive assessment in a manner that promotes the inclusion of the patient’s family in bedside care, may help fulfill the needs of patient’s families and optimize family member’s adaptation to critical care needs. In the terms of Sister Calisita Roy a grand theorist critical illness affects the family member’s psychological outcomes of family members in ICU, needs of family; examine methods of assisting families in reflective inquiry and family inclusions. (Davidson, J.)2009.

Review of Literature The following five journal articles address the needs of families of critical illness. The articles talks about the effects on the patients families and causes a disruption in life of family members The first article addressed Family –Centered Care addressed by Harvey and Davidson (2011). Long Term Consequences of Critical Illness, in the past ten years they learned some disconcerting information about the long term consequences that patients in intensive care units and their families suffer. The United States discharge millions of critically ill patients back into the community. Although nurses have...
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