Maintain and Support Relationships with Children and Young People - Reflective Account

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Unit 7 - Maintain and support relationships with children and young people

Reflective Account 1 and 2

As part of the Key Stage 1 healthy eating topic, class 4 was tasked with creating smoothies. The class was divided into three groups (red, green and blue), I was assisting red group.

Red group was split into three sub groups, each having to create their own smoothie. The fruit was placed on the table for the pupils to choose from. During this part of the task an argument broke out between four boys, they all wanted the same fruit but it seemed there was only enough for two. So I hastenly intervened and got each person to explain what they wanted to the rest of the group and made sure the others were listening respectfully. This helped them to understand everyone else’s view. Unfortunately they all wanted the same thing but there weren’t enough resources.

I then asked the boys how they thought they could solve the problem and told them that they should talk nicely with each other and to try to come up with an idea where both groups were happy. I also explained that you need to be able to put yourself into others’ shoes and find a solution that is fair to everyone, so you can all be happier.

During their discussion they came up with some good ideas. I wrote all the ideas down and asked them all to agree on one of the options. Fortunately they all chose to share the fruit equally so they could all have the same smoothie all be it a little one.
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