028 Develop Positive Relationships with Children

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care. 028 Outcome 1: Be able to develop positive relationships with children and young people. A/C1;
Positive relationships with children and young people are important as it has a huge effect on the way we can work with them. When a child is being left into my room in the morning I would go over to greet the child and lift them and make them feel secure. When the child trusts me it helps them to feel comfortable with me, making it easier for them to be separated from their parents. If a child feels emotionally secure they are more likely to participate in play and learning activities unlike a child that sits and cries for their mummy, I would try and bring the child into activities that I know that they enjoy. For example a child in my room was upset and wanted their mummy, I went over to the child and asked her “would you like to play with the sand.” The child was happy to as it is her favourite activity. Children are less likely to show unwanted behaviour if they have strong relationships as I can recognise and meet their needs. The more a child feels confident talking to me it will help their language to develop quicker. I can plan more accurately as I understand a child’s developmental needs and know their interests. I am able to respond to children more effectively because I can recognise their expressions and emotions. The Principles of building and maintaining relationships are as follows: Communicating effectively is one of the most important aspects of building a relationship. The way we do this depends on the child’s age and stage of development. I also use facial expressions, body language and gestures. Identifying and sorting out conflicts and disagreements fairly to maintain the child/young person’s trust. I indentify the difficulties and help them to find ways to overcome them. I would always be consistent and fair as children rely on this. Consistency means...
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