Magazine Article About the Fifa World Cup Held in South Africa

Topics: Africa, Human, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the fever, the ‘’gees’’, late nights, late mornings, bonding with the boss and finally only one race, the human race! It’s all over!! Seems like just yesterday when we were counting down 1000 days, when the whole world was in doubt that we’d never finish in time. But we did it!! I have never been so proud to be a South African. The stadiums were packed, fan fests were held, big screen spots opened and you could feel the spirit of “Ubuntu’’ all around you . But unfortunately after that we were back to square one again. Ofcorse COSATU is back on strike no surprise there, the teachers went back on strike and well we back to 5 human races again coming from being so united. But hey it brought in big bucks for everyone right... or did it?? Honestly I haven’t heard a single word on where most of that money went. After everyone took down their flags, put their bafana shirts far away and scraped off the stickers on their cars, everything kind of died... life just carried on like someone just sucked the colour out of a colouring book. Being the first African country to host the games you’d think there would still be a little excitement in the air that life would improve for everyone and that the world cup would certainly put South Africa on the map, or atleast give our economy a huge boost. Well things just didn’t turn out that way. I guess good things don’t last that long. Lerato Tshabalala
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