Boer War Diary Entry from Lord Kitchener

Topics: Second Boer War, Boer, South African Republic Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Lord Kitchener - The Boer offensive The Siege of Lady Smith 1899

Shame be brought on Paul Kruger. How dare he bring Boer offensives into British held Colony areas. This has caused trouble and now it has been declared that the British are fighting in war, another war in which we shall not lose! The Boer may have mobility but what they lack is the key to British troops fighting, order. My men, have mastered order and with the equiptment supplied we are sure to win this battle. The origins of this conflict would have had to begun with Paul Krugers Ultimatum, if no such order for British troops to leave Natal was placed, there would never have been an outbreak. Those flithy Boers do not have the right to attempt to claim Natal or Cape Colony, these are rightfully owned British lands! But since we are already in this mess, we must fight for what is rightfully ours.

In June I dispatched a total of 15,000 troops to Natal in order to protect and defend the Colony until reinforcements could be mobilized and sent to South Africa.

The Boers attempts at trying to Siege us have caused us greatly. Supplies are now growing scarce my English men are running low on supplies and many of the civilians are dying of hunger. It is a sign that the battle may not end well. The Boers, the disgusting fighters had cut the railway link to Durban. I have great faith in my Lieutenant General Sir George White and believe that he can pull through to come and succeed to win the battle. His tatics have definitely been proven to be highly ranked and considered one of the best. For now all I can do is sit and write. I pray for my men to break through the siege and come out on top, I fear that many of the troops moral have faded and are giving up, but I aspire to reign and concer the Boers. For now I must be patient, wait and keep the flag flying.
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