Gender Equality in South Africa

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Black people Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Section A

Is the affirmative action policy morally defensible? Explain Yes it is. It is a well known fact that non white racial groups were discriminated against in the past. The affirmation action policy opposes racial preference as exercised in the past. It enables previously disadvantaged racial groups to pursue any career path they choose where as in the past non-white racial groups were limited and restricted to limited career choices. The policy was instated to restore the balance in the working sector, and enable non-white employees to advance in the line of management empowering them for further growth.

In your opinion which country successfully implemented the affirmative action policy and why did it succeed? Personally I don’t think any country has implemented the affirmative action policy successfully to such an extent that the majority of society benefits from it. None of these policies can be implemented without a country becoming a democracy. The only reason as the past has proven a democracy comes into play is if a uprising occurs, mostly associated with political freedom fighters. In my opinion an affirmative action policy takes a lot of time and change in societal behavior toward racial discrimination. European countries never had a need to implement such policies as racial discrimination is unheard of.

In your view why did the South African government choose to implement Affirmative Action policy and Act and is it ever justifiable? South Africa as a country was bleeding in the past where slavery and human injustice was brought upon weaker races. The reason why I say certain races was weaker was because financially, technologically and through military one race was superior. Only when sanctions were imposed by other countries, South Africa had to implement major changes to keep their doors open to international trading. As soon as South Africa changed to a democracy the new government put measurements in place to try and restore a...
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