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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Cosmopolitan magazine plays an important role in American Pop culture influencing women all across the United States. With catchy headlines on the covers of their magazines such as “UNTAMED VA-JAY-JAYS” and “What Men Find HOT” Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the idea of American beauty and women’s sexuality. Because Cosmopolitan magazine displays provocative images of American Beauty while promoting sexual promiscuity allows the magazine to remain popular in American Culture today which is resulting in women feeling pressured to conform to the ideas society constantly places upon them.

Cosmopolitan magazine was introduced in 1886 and what started off as a magazine for women about well-being and taking care of their families. With headlines on the cover back then such as “Physical Training at the Universities” and “The Progress of Science” while displaying images of women on the cover wearing broad hats and conservative ruffled shirts. The magazine took a turn in 1970 when Helen Gurley Brown became editor-in-chief and brought the failing magazine back to life by focusing on sexuality while portraying women in a sexual manner on the covers. Models were displayed on the covers showing an abundance of cleavage showing a lot of skin. The magazines popularity soared. Women had become more independent and liberated. The 1980’s portrayed even more sexuality on the cover, the 1990’s took it even further. (1)Today, even with its many critics, Cosmopolitan Magazine is one of the most popular magazines in the United States and throughout the world. Aimed mainly at woman age twenty and up, this magazine dictates the popular trends and ideals among its readers. (1)Media and the Cosmopolitan Woman Green, page 2 You can pick up an issue with your favorite celebrity displayed...
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