Low Cost Consumer Goods or Fast Moving Goods - Marketing Mix

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Product Industry: “Food Products”
Industry Leaders:Nestle, General Mills, Post Kellogg etc.
Paper Focus:Kellogg “Big K Cereals”
Advertising is one way of communicating with consumers in the market place so that a business can achieve certain sales objectives. Advertising helps to create, sustain and promote consumer demand, which the business can then addresses. To advertise successfully, firms must be clear about the intended message, the target audience, means of communication and the receptiveness of the audience. Although advertisement is one of the elements of the marketing mix, it is one that is vital for developing a product’s image, which then capture consumers’ attention and stimulate their desire to purchase. Successful advertising campaigns result from good ideas creatively presented to appeal to a contemporary audience. The foundation of Integrated Communication Marketing (ICM) lies in initiatives undertaken to communicate a product effectively to the market place. The different communication tools such as advertising, public relations, and direct sales work better if they work together rather than in isolation. To better understand the seamless integration of these elements we can look at Kellogg’s breakfast cereal brand. William Kellogg, who founded the company in the USA, believed that diet played a key role in a healthy lifestyle and that breakfast, and this message is communicated by Kellogg till this day. Kellogg’s has flourished and created a high value brand name through skillful integrated communications marketing. Today, advertising is a key aspect of the marketing mix. Kellogg's advertises using the entire media spanning the press, posters, radio and cinema, direct mail and, more recently, on the Internet. The main channel for Kellogg’s advertising is on television, with individual brands given their own air time, aimed specifically at a target audience and specific demographics. For example, Special K is aimed...
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