A Low Involvement Hierarchy Model

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Advertisements have become a part of our lives which cannot be removed or separated easily. For example, when we turn on the television, we not only enjoy the television shows but also the television commercials because the commercials are showed in-between the breaks of television shows. Although advertisements are sometimes annoying, our decisions on purchasing a product or a service somehow depend on them. We are so used to advertisements that sometimes we may not be conscious about their effects on us. Advertisements, therefore is nearly a must for a successful product launching, service promotion, etc. More and more companies are launching advertisements and more competitions between same category products exist. In this way, companies who want to be outstanding focus more on, for example, the media strategies and creative tactics. McDonald’s is successful in this and I am going to explain the customer’s behavior, planning and strategies of “Sichuan Chili Grilled Chicken Burger” Television commercial.

A low involvement hierarchy model is consumer will first be aware of the specific brand or product. After that, they may purchase the product because of recognition of that product for the repetition of exposure to the advertisements and then develop a feeling or attitude towards it after consuming. In this case, consumers may learn there is a new burger approached in McDonald’s because of the repeated advertising exposure. After they have learnt about the new burger, they may try it and develop a feeling about it, that is delicious or not. Consumers always act differently when purchasing high involvement product and low involvement product. Consumers will spend more time on researching and comparing different products’ details. On the other hand, most consumers make decisions of product choosing when they are in the store. Moreover, there is a higher chance that a consumer will choose a brand that is more familiar to them. It is because consumers sometimes...
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