Impact of Imc on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Topics: Marketing, Decision making, Marketing research Pages: 19 (5571 words) Published: October 8, 2012

International Journal of Marketing Studies

Vol. 4, No. 2; April 2012

Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Behaviour: Effects on Consumer Decision – Making Process Camelia Mihart (Kailani) Academy of Economic Studies Piata Romana No.6, Bucharest, Romania Tel: 40-731-338-803 Received: February 10, 2012 doi:10.5539/ijms.v4n2p121 Abstract Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is one of the most controversial areas of research, the concept marking a constant progress from the simple coordinating of promotional tools to a complex strategic process. Further to the evolution of modern marketing, where IMC has become a major way of achievement the objectives of a company, there is a need to identify opportunities to increase its impact on consumer behaviour. Therefore, is of interest, the relatively recent approach found in the literature, according to which IMC works specifically through all the four classic elements of the marketing mix: product, price, placement and marketing communications. In this context, this paper intends to clarify some aspects regarding the effects of IMC on the consumer behaviour, materialized in the consumer decision- making process. Keywords: Integrated marketing communication, Consumer behaviour, Consumer decision-making process, Influence, Model 1. Introduction In a competitive economic system, survival and development of the companies involve the existence of accurate and detailed information about consumers, so the concept of modern marketing highlights the need for having detailed and founded information about the consumer needs, motivation, attitude and actions. In the contemporary era is almost universally accepted idea that the main purpose of marketing is not finding and persuading people to buy what a company produces, but satisfying the consumer, which is the essence of consumer orientation. Developing effective ways by which consumers’ needs could be satisfied is one of the main objectives of IMC. Identifying the communication pathways which influence consumer behaviour is an essential marketing communications activity, the ultimate goal being the creation of marketing messages to reach target audiences through the most appropriate channels. Adopting the approach according with IMC is not part of the marketing mix, but a holistic concept using marketing mix elements to create and strengthen relationships with consumers and to send a unified message, this paper aims to clarify some aspects of the mechanism of IMC influence on consumer behaviour, reflected also in the buying decision process. 2. Literature Review Communication, one of the most representatives of human activities and the basis for social interaction, is defined as the exchange of ideas, information and feelings. In recent decades, the phenomenon has evolved faster communication and dramatic changes due to the increasing need for communication in all areas and technological performance. Since communication requires converting the original concepts into symbols that can transmit the desired message (Blythe, 2006) the individual or organization who communicates has to transform first the concepts in a set of symbols that can be transferred to the receiver, who need to decode the symbols, in order to understand the original message. A correct decoding can take place only if the participants in the communication share a common experience, with at least one common language. Communication effectiveness is determined both by understanding the message and getting the desired reaction from the part of the receiver, in response to the message (Popescu, 2002). E-mail: Published: April 1, 2012

Accepted: February 29, 2012


Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education


International Journal of Marketing Studies

Vol. 4, No. 2; April 2012

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