Our Fathers Novel Summary

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SH320| Our Fathers Academic Overview|

A detailed summary of the novel’s plot3
Our fathers begins3
Chapter two4
Chapter three4
Chapter four4
Chapter five5
Chapter six5
Chapter seven5
Definitions of relevant academic theory5
Relating key themes from Our Fathers to themes identified from the academic literature.6
Conclusion & review in how this assignment improved my understanding of the relevant academic theory and Novel.8
Works Cited9


The academic overview of our fathers by Andrew O’Hagan hopes to compare and contrast both academic theory, political views and highlight building and regeneration practices of the mid 20th century. The Essay will provide a detailed summary of the novels plot then go onto explain and relate some of O’Hagan’s underlying themes to key findings of relevant academic material. At this point in time there was very little academic theory on regeneration of areas in Scotland, especially in brown field areas. The emphasis was to create homes for people after the 1941 blitz that devastated thousands of homes across the Westside of Glasgow during World War Two. The essay examines what type of demographic was displaced and draws potential reasons from Our Father’s; why a particular style of housing was built and possible reasons why. Due to the nature of war and the position of Glasgow fuelling the allied needs of navel craft and ships, many of the men were not conscripted, thus leaving a larger than normal housing shortage. This was then exacerbated by many single mothers losing their husbands struggling to pay rent. A detailed summary of the novel’s plot

Our fathers begins in a picturesque town of North Berwick with Jamie Bawn saying good bye to his neighbour Mrs Drake who used to read stories to him in return for a couple of chores being carried out. On Jamie leaving she gave him a book as well as some book titles that she thinks he may enjoy and that he would be able to acquire them at his new library of he asked. On the train to Ayr a place where his alcoholic abusive father has previously run away from a few years ago, he is excited that he going to be closer to his Grandparents, Hugh and Margaret. Once arriving Jamie tries to settle in and copes with watching his father sleep in a drunken daze and can’t believe that he looks so docile compared to his violent loud normality. Jamie does find some consolement within his mother who also hates Robert but can never find the guts to just leave him. Alice however does think out loud about plans to leave but Jamie knows that these will never actually come to fruition. Robert, Jamie’s father takes a job at Fergusons boy’s school where he is admired and respected for his swearing and aggressive manner. Robert liked this respect and many of the pupils saw him as a father figure. However this respect was broken when one of the boys breaks into the house and steals from Robert. This results in Robert becoming increasingly manic and hiding in the bushes at night time to catch the culprit if he were to return again. This all comes to a head when one night Jamie pulls his mad father back into the house as he realises that his father’s mental health is starting to deteriate. Jamie carries on focusing his energy or anger into immersing himself in Physics and Biology and passion that is pushed by his new friend Ms Cardle the biology teacher. Jamie finds himself fascinated by pressure & time and reads about the world around him constantly as he begins to look at everything in a different way. Everything comes to head after Jamie awakes with sore legs one day after the evening before his father had beaten his mother and cut himself with glass before leaving the house. Jamie is taken to hospital where he continues to bluff that he can't walk which results in him going to stay with his grandparents Hugh and...
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