Criticism of Marketing

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Marketing is widely observed as the key objective of any organization’s. Its prime aim is to produce a fulfil relationship with the customer in terms of the satisfaction level. The American Marketing Association(2007) defines marketing as “it is the activity, set of insitituions, and processes for creating communicating delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, client, partners and society at large “ From this defination we understand that marketing acts as a bridge between business and consumers. Since 1970’s, marking the start of corporate revolution, marketing have become a key business element and have been taken it seriously in success of the business. Focus groups have been set up in the organisation to understand the behaviour of the consumer and psychology when it comes to buying the company’s product. Although been given huge importance from business point of view, at certain times various organisation have face roadblocks in their campaign operations. These issues are mainly conflicted by society religion ethics etc. The reasons for such conflicts towards marketing that marketers are focused only to get customers and the main aim is to achieve higher sales. This may not be completely true and to support the argument we try to understand with an example of packaging on a product. Product packaging is a vital part of branding and thus catches the eye of the consumer. However, it is also a crticism in terms of been packaging materials used as harzard to enviornment. To this marketers or company’s rather, have taken vital action to use recycle packaging. Also, spreading enviornmental awarness to the consumers by printing terms like do not litter or use trash bins. From this we understand that marketers show responsibilty towards the society. Marketing can also be justified in terms of the price. For instance socially people critise that marketing strategies creates false demands and thus leads the customer to buy their...
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