Lipton Mega Daane

Topics: Mind, Thought, Marketing Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: January 1, 2013
• Introduction- SAAD GHAURI
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’99 mein mega kya’, this sentence kept on bobbling our thoughts few months ago, it was one of the teasers which kept people on thinking, more of a teaser it was actually a question which was asked in a very informal manner as per new trend. The question has entangled the thinking minds into, what something huge one could get in 99? The ad campaign actually made people to think about the word ‘MEGA’, what this campaign had done is that it has embossed a long lasting memory in our mind that something very big is about to come, the target audience started thinking of huge things. In the teaser, the yellow colored number ‘99’ is presented as heavy weight. The color of the number is kept as the same as the color of the brand to be presented i.e. Lipton, this shows the effectiveness and the power of the brand which is about to bring something novel. This ad campaign was also very lucrative when displayed on the hoardings, as the theme shows the road and footpath.


After 2 weeks of the launch of teaser, Unilever has launched its original product as Lipton Mega Daane. The main advertisement again was with the same theme of road and footpath as previously presented in the teaser. The main advertisement was well articulated and in-line with its teaser so that the target audience has a definite clue for its relationship with the teaser. In the main advertisement the Lipton Mega Daane pack is tilted on the same angle as the number ‘99’ also the color of both were artistically kept the same, thus leaving an impression in the mind that 99 is basically replaced by Lipton mega Daane pack and automatically the price of the pack is memorized by the target audience. There is also a red ribbon on the right top corner which displays the price of the pack, the red ribbon usually comes into play when something new and special is announced. During the ad campaign, the...
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