An Analysis of the Yum Chums Series of Advertisements Created by Mcdonalds.

Topics: Advertising, McDonald's, Super Size Me Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: March 22, 2011
An analysis of the Yum chums series of advertisements created by McDonalds.

In my coursework I will be analysing adverts made by McDonalds and the techniques that it uses to attract children and make them want to go to McDonalds or to send the message through the advert to be healthy and active, how McDonalds use their adverts to appeal to kids. Following an outbreak of media attention, in August 2004, McDonalds launched a series of educational cartoon characters, the Yum Chums, to promote balanced diets and exercise for children. Essay will be about how McDonalds made an advert to bring back the restaurant again. Britain's biggest commercial children's television network has created a cartoon series starring a group of healthy eating monsters in an aim to deflect criticism for screening junk food in their advertisements. The first focus on this essay I observed about the ‘Yum chums’ advert were the characters used as stereotypes which are specifically designed to appeal to different children. The advert introduces the characters by zooming into the clown at the beginning and making it look like it’s going into the stomach of Ronald. It then shows five different characters like the skater dude, the girly one who likes to dance a lot, the geeky one with the glasses, the big one and the baby one. These talking creatures are like fantastical and unrealistic and some of these ideas are stolen from Monsters Inc. So this will grab the attention of the young minds. This is also telling the children that people with glasses are all geeks and all girls like to dance, spin and scream. The McDonalds use the stereotypes to ensure and to reach each different child. This would allow them to sing along with the characters and engage with them and this could encourage the children to go and eat at McDonalds.

When the characters are moving around they have bright hypnotic colourful patterns and shapes in the background and the jumpy music. The use of colour in this advert...
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