Levels of Management

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Introduction to Management

I am currently taking Introduction to management and so far I am enjoying it. This class seems to be interesting. Some of the assignments that will be done in this course are, in Unit 2 you will be required to watch a video over Evolution to Management and write an essay over the video. Most of the assignments going forward are writing essays. Some of them seem easy and some not so much. There are three levels of management; the first level is top-level managers. Top-level managers are also called strategic managers. These types of managers are responsible for making sure the lower management levels are doing their jobs correctly. They also are required to help the organization by working on the effectiveness, growth and survival of the organization. The second level is Middle-level managers; these types of managers are for passing down the goals and plans that are made by the Top-level managers. These managers are also referred to as tactical managers. The next level of manager is the Frontline managers, these managers manage a designated are of the organization and give the orders down to the lower level of management. They also can be called operational managers.

There are 4 functions of management and the first one is Management. This function needs to be done effectively and efficiently. This is a process of working with other co-workers and resources to complete the goals of the organization. Planning is the second function of management. In order to manage an organization you need to plan out for each day either a day before or in the beginning of the day. Without planning there wouldn’t be any sort of managing. The third function of management is value, this function is based off of how well your associates do their jobs, such as tasks, customer service and how well your customers and workers are treated. The fourth function is called leading. This function is based off of putting your workers in the right direction in...
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