Mgt 330 Functions of Management

Topics: Management, Organization, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1049 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Four Functions of Management
Tayshia Forrest
MGT 330
May 15, 2011
Didier S.D. Opotowsky
University of Phoenix

The objective of this paper is to explain and define the four functions of management, which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The paper will also explain how these four functions are incorporated in the fast food franchise of Hardees and Carl Jr. restaurants. Discussed are different ways the restaurant managers practice these functions for their employees, and how employees use the functions themselves. The four functions are described as essential parts of any organization. Organizations must use these functions in management in order to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order using the proper tools to achieve overall goals and accomplishments. Each function is explained individually. How the functions help the organization keep up with the world around it with globalization and technology is also described. The paper concludes with how important the functions are to any organization and how essential they are in running a successful organization.

The four key functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Each of these functions helps run an organization, and has a huge part in the success or downfall of the organization. Without these functions, the vision of management seems impossible. According to Wanish (2009), each component is important and one cannot function well without the others. This paper will define the four functions of management individually, and explain how they relate to a restaurant chain known as Carl jr.’s and Hardees. It is hard for most people to think of these organizations as the corporate type. This paper will explain how these types of businesses, although they are represented differently, are run like most corporate organizations. Planning is the first and base of the four functions of management. It is essential for a manager to be able to...
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